Victoria J Sterkel


Intuition drives my creative process. Obsessed with color, jewel tones are catalysts to the elements of form and texture. Starting with a ground of metallic leaf, I apply thick, three dimensional strokes of paint with pallet knives. It starts the play of the composition. Building up transparent color fields and layering glazes, I work in a push and pull method, scratching, wiping away, drawing w/ oil sticks, other times blending paint out completely. Seemingly random woven brush strokes and watering down areas, drips pull the composition together. Its ever so meditative and sensual, sometimes I dance in front of the paintings. Music is intrinsic to my studio time along with burning copal as my first ceremony upon entering my studio. 
I’m influenced by peacock feathers, fish scales, opulant clouds and thai silk to name a few. Life breathes and passes like billowy rolling clouds. Salmon migrate, turtles return annually to the beaches they were born on. We watch, we see and we share & reflect these experiences. Sometimes awkward, we elegantly humble ourselves to the mystery of it all. Always changing, evolving and provoking us. Painting is cathartic for me. All at once I can be exhilarated. Exalted into the clouds and the next moment completely deflated of ego with fear of painting something awful and useless. Life is a ride of ups and downs. I embrace it, the creative process in my studio motivates me to keep learning and trying and sharing.